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Monthly Event: Bangers & Laughs w/ Steven Alan Green + Guests

Bangers & Laughs! The only comedy show where we all pretend we're in London for the night!

Live British style laughs served alongside traditional homemade British cuisine!


Creator & Host of Modern Day Philosophers, DANNY LOBELL!

Very clever & funny AMANDA COHEN!

Host of the popular podcast Just Genevieve!..GENEVIEVE JOY!

Creator & Star of "Live from the Grave: It's John Belushi"... JACK ZULLO!

Corporate executive, classic cars aficionado, (and personal assistant to Andrew Ercolono)...comedian DREW ERCOLONO!

PLUS! SURPRISE GUESTS! (usually made up of big shot comedians too up their own arse to give us advance publicity)

And all started off with a traditional Kurt Weill rendition....TAQUILA MOCKINGBIRD!

JUST ADDED: Mr. "Wow" himself, GREG BUCKMAN!

Hosted by "that British twat" NIGEL ARRISSON!

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Join us this Father's Day

Grab Dad and come on over to the Cat!

Enjoy our signature Cat and Fiddle Burger (Gloucester Cheddar, English Bacon & Grilled Onions on Homemade Brioche Bun) Served with Hand-Cut Chips, and one of our Draft Pints such as our Private Label Dry English Cider 6% abv "The Cat's Cider" for only $18! 

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